Be Steady in Lifelong Race

Published: 1/12

John Wadsworth

Dear Partners,

I have learned that a great virtue in life is to be steady. Steadiness will always win the prize. Robert W. Service, a British poet has said, “It’s the steady, quiet, plodding ones who win in the lifelong race.”

At ZENNOA®, we aim to be steady in our progress, ever so steady to fulfill our vision. Let me illustrate an example.

An international business has unique challenges. We have faced many of these challenges in our own pursuits and with a steady, believing effort, we have found solutions to each. I am certain we have yet many challenges in front of us but feel confident in our methodical approach.

As you know, we have strong experienced leaders in Bolivia. With these partners in mind and with committed steadiness, we have been working to register our products in this beautiful country. If the government regulations were not enough to stifle enthusiasm, some opponents have said, “You will never get your products registered in Bolivia.” To support this statement, they have even gone to the extreme of commissioning local professionals to register our products hoping to prohibit us from doing the same—a business strategy focused more on fear than on vision.

I am happy to announce that today we have received our official approvals from the Bolivian government to import CORE CARE and NUKU HIVA®.

Steadiness with vision has once again proven to win the day. Oh, and by the way, on this same day we receive the official certificate to import GO TIME into Peru.

With our partners, we will continue to be steady in our efforts to bring ZENNOA to the world.


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